Monday, May 23, 2011

Three Paintings of Schooners and the Sea by Wilfred Cyr - circa 1930's

Recently, I had an opportunity to acquire these three lovely vintage oil on board paintings of schooners and the sea.

They were painted by Wilfred R. Cyr, a Massachussets artist who lived from
1889 to 1953. He lived and painted in Amesbury, Massachussets as did his brother Cyril Cyr, who was also an artist. They were both handicapped by an inherited form of partial paralysis and in order to paint had to push the brush holding hand with the other wrist.

They ran a school for cartoonists and Wilfred was a successful cartoonist himself - Al Capp of Li'l Abner Fame was a pupil at the school.
In addition to running a successful school, both brothers were themselves capable fine artists. And produced many fine paintings.

These came to me through the estate of a deceased doctor and his wife - clearly they had collected carefully and cared well for their acquisitions. Each is nicely framed and ready to hang on your wall.Cyr's paintings of seascapes and ships were most likely done in the studio using photographs available to him.

All three of these paintings are just a delight to view and I know I will miss them when they are gone to new homes, but I'm looking forward to seeing them daily for a while!!!

RACING SCHOONERS  18x20 oil on canvas board

This painting may be modelled on one of the many photographs world renowned Halifax photographer Wallace MacAskill took during the International Fishermen's Schooner races - a challenge between Nova Scotian and Gloucester salt bank schooners raced yearly between 1920 and 1938. I must check the NSARM site to look through the MacAskill exhibit of around 5000 images and see if I can find the shot! The exact one wasn't in the book I have but I know I've seen it. The colours, the way the light is falling and the whole sensibility of the paintings is so 1930's - just a delight to the eye.

PRICE: each painting  $225USD plus shipping
all three paintings  $625 USD plus shipping
CONTACT ME: to arrange purchase

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The very best vintage quilt and the sweetest vintage bedlinens for your home

Today I have some unique treasures for you to look at and dream of owning. Remember, I accept Paypal or your personal cheque and I'm always happy to consider spacing payment for your purchases over several equal instalments.
Contact me: for an invoice or to discuss further.

This lovely vintage quilt dates to the twenties or thirties - it is the popular Lonestar but with a very creative twist that sets it aside from other Lonestars. The quilter in this case decided to set her rainbow pastels with a strong rose pink and then back it with the same lovely shade. This quilt is no shrinking violet, but will make a wonderful statement in a guest room or a little girl's room and will grow with your daughter into her teens and young adulthood - truly an heirloom treasure!

As you can see this 72x76 inch quilt has been carefully and accurately pieced and the elegant and understated quilting enhances the pattern beautifully.
 There are no rips, tears, spots, stains or fading - this quilt clearly was cared for and treasured. Fresh and lovely and ready to go on your bed. Quilts ship with a sweet hand stitched lavender sachet.

PRICE: vintage pink lonestar quilt 72x76  $575USD+$35USD trackable and insured shipping - quote #CC 0380

For a coordinated look, I suggest you consider some vintage linens - you could choose either hand embellished beauties like the full size 100% cotton full double sheet below

Or this lovely 100% cotton full size sheet with an insertion of sweet filet crochet
This single pillowcase below could be teamed with either a plain case or an embroidered or lacey one:
Or this pair of delicate cutwork pillowcases made by cottage industry in either Madeira or Macau  which were both Portuguese outposts in the 1920's.

Another option is to simply dress down your bed and your special quilt by using vintage plain 100% cotton sheets and pillowcases - I have a lot of 'still in the package' items that should please you - contact me to see and consider a range of possibilities:

I am confident I can help you dress your bed with lovely vintage hand embellished linens for less than $150USD - tell me what you'd like and I can show you some options.

Remember, I take Paypal or accept your personal cheque, and 10% will go to support local organizations in my tiny but lovely Nova Scotian fishing village!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I guess the easiest way to get my feet wet is to plunge right in and start showing you some examples of the items I've collected for you.
I'm really particular about quality, good design and immaculate condition; so you will find that my treasures are ready for display in the most discerning of homes. No chips in the china; no stains or little rips in the bedlinens; and the quilts don't have to be folded "just so" to keep worn or ripped spots from showing. They are as fresh and lovely as the day they were made!

In other words although these are lovely pre-owned and pre-loved treasures they have no major issues. If there is something minor I will note it clearly for you.
Please check at the bottom of the page for contact information and conditions.

vintage japanese lustreware 12 piece breakfast or tea set 
#cc 0379 

Above is a striking 12 piece breakfast or tea set made in the 1920's or early 1930's in Japan. This set is immaculate - no chips or cracks - ready to serve your friends and family a light meal  or an elegant  tea. This set will add just the right touch to enhance your lovely tea cloth and napkins, and will mix happily with other vintage china or porcelain.

PRICE: $95USD + $25USD shipping = $120USD in total - quote #cc 0379


                            indigo prints with double pink print quilt: Geese in the Pond"
                                                                            #cc 0377

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this treasure! Here is the classic "just right" antique American quilt, made in the 1890's and treasured since then - I don't think it has been used much - perhaps on the best bed in a guestroom? The 100% cotton fabrics are a combination of several indigo prints - these prints were made in West Virginia and were much loved everywhere for men's shirts, ladies wash  dresses and aprons, children's clothes; and were used as well in quilts - everyone loves blue. The double pink print was clearly bought in sufficient yardage not  to run out and have to substitute other prints - this tells me it was a special quilt for a special purpose - utility or everyday quilts were made with all the scraps in the scrapbag! And then they were used and used up so that not many survive.
         The size is classic late 19th century, early 20th century at 72x76 . It is heavily handquilted and is immaculate.

Price: $695USD + $35USD trackable shipping = $730 (quote #cc 0377)


A pair of simple, hand embroidered pillowcases with tiny picot crochet edge
#cc 0381

These pillowcases are simply elegant - they are fine cotton, and beautifully understated. They are in like new condition. They will pair with your other vintage linens and quilts beautifully.

PRICE: $35USD + $4 shipping = $39USD  (quote #cc 0381)

a pair of candlesticks: faience by Quimper for Williamsburg Reproductions: vintage.
These lovely and very classic faience candlesticks were made to Colonial Williamsburg Reproductions specifications,  and carry the well known Quimper backstamp. Research shows them in the classic vintage heavy bound book/catalogue I have here, and Williamsburg stopped making and selling reproduction house furnishings many years ago.

PRICE: $65USD + $10USD trackable SHIPPING = $75USD (quote # cc 0378)

                                                          a quilt completed from the  vintageBucillaAcornHarvest  cross stitch quilt kit in a double/queen size  #cc 0378

These lovely kits are rarely found in the condition that this one is in. Completed during the early 1980's this quilt saw little use - it was probably kept for special occasions. No flaws or issues noted.

PRICE: $595USD + $35USD trackable shipping = $630USD (please quote # cc 0376)


Conditions of sale: I take personal cheques made out to my name, as well as Paypal payments. In many cases I will happily accpt two or three equal monthly installments and ship the items on receipt of the final payment.
All items are one of a kind and are subject to prior sale. Contact me to confirm availibilty and for an immediate HOLD. If you wish to use Paypal I can them send you an invoice.

Monday, April 4, 2011

"What is A Coastal Christmas"?

It's always a good idea to plan ahead. Especially when the planned event will be a celebration of a  rural coastal community's dedication to homemade, handmade, and lovely vintage treasures; the sale of which will help keep our small world a whole lot greener than the big box stores version of Christmas shopping.
And in addition, all proceeds will stay in the local community to help keep it strong. Another bonus! a percentage of the proceeds will go to local community organizations, such as the community hall; a scholarship fund in memory of a local woman who was very active in community affairs; and the community 's church.
The event will be a special kind of shopping event, new this year, to the small Nova Scotian coastal community of Hall's Harbour overlooking the lovely Bay of Fundy.
Therefore we are starting early to publicise the event and create a buzz about it.

The view on the Christmas card above - a painting by transplanted Nova Scotian artist Paul Landry, who became a Nw England resident shows a community  on the South Shore near Lunenburg. Paul grew up on Saint Margaret's Bay and his paintings are evocative of a slower, friendlier and gentler pace in a province where traditional values are still treasured.

Christmas is always a special time for the kiddies, shown here enjoying a visit from Saint Nick as depicted on a period Christmas card.

"A Coastal Christmas"  will be geared to children too - with a pretty feather tree, plates of cookies and candy canes, and gifts especially for children - from handknit and handmade items of clothing to small dressed dolls and teddy bears with handmade sweaters and toques. Keep watching this site to see what will be on offer.  
You will also have an opportunity to buy some treasures online if you are too far away to come by in person. You'll miss the cookies though - smile......  Check back ften and see what we have found or made!

Today, I'll mention just a few of the many delights you will be able to choose from: Vintage and antique quilts in immacualte condition: many of these completed quilts were made from applique quilt kits popular in the 1940's 1950's and 1960's. Several are handpieced gems from the late 19th century. Priced competetively they have been carefully chosen to ensure cleanliness and soundness - you will be proud to show them in your home. These are not what the trade calls "cutter" quilts or the type that must be artfully folded to conceal damage and then  placed on a shelf, over a door or on the back of a chair. These quilts are unique in being without major wear or staining and can be dsplayed with pride on your best bed in the master bedroom or the guest room.

In addition I have a wonderful selection of both hand embellished vintage sheets and pillowcases, or you might choose to purchase clean, unused plain sheets and pillowcaes in 100% cotton in some cases still in their original wrappers to embellish with your finest embroidery or lacey crochet. I always have on hand lovely large pieces of handmade lace that will grace these beautiful pure cotton bedlinens.
These bedlinens will enhance your finest quilts, both modern and vintage.

Between now and the beginning of "A COASTAL CHRISTMAS" we will be revealing a little more each week about what, where, and when - I look forward to filling you in on all the happenings and to welcoming you at the event or, if you are too far away - to welcoming your visits online and helping you to choose something lovely.
Check in next week to